samedi 27 mars 2010

Portland (Oregon): manif sauvage offensive après le meurtre d'un homme par les keufs

(mardi 23 mars) " On en n'a rien à foutre, c'est maintenant ou jamais"

When word spread that the Portland police had just shot a man to death at the Hoyt Arboretum, we knew we had to make a choice: to allow ourselves to be human, or to participate in our own murders, to hide away in sleep and the unfolding of a routine that ends, for all of us, in death. It’s a choice that has been made for us so many times before: by the media, by community leaders, professional activists, bosses, teachers, parents, friends who do not push us to confront this fear with them. We are killing ourselves with so much swallowed rage.

Tonight, we would not go to sleep with this sour feeling in our stomachs. Tonight, we gave a name to what we feel: rage. This is how it started.

La suite (en anglais) c'est ICI